lunes, 16 de noviembre de 2009

Los Milagros de Ian Welden por Geoffrey Cain

Geoffray Cain es un escritor y dramaturgo inglés, radicado en Dinamarca, que ha escrito sobre la obra actual de Ian Welden.

Transcribimos su texto escrito en Copenhagen el pasado 14 de Noviembre :

"Ian Welden writes in the same vein as Gabriel García Marquez, but in my opinion better. There is more humanity in his "magical realism" and a bittersweetness that makes the irony of Marquez seem cruel. There is also great sadness in Ian´s stories like "El alma de Soledad" where the writer´s childhood sweetheart from Chile suddenly appears in his new home town in Denmark and tells him she is dying and wants to see him before it´s too late.

How did she get there? We don´t know, but that´s not important. They end up walking together hand in hand like they did in school when they were five years old. Many strange things happen in Valby where Ian has settled down to spend the last part of his life. In the often alluded to Café Ciré (does it really exist?) where the customers include Sigmund Freud, Che Guevara and Carl Marx. And like Ian himself they all have odd stories to tell. Stories with a little twist in the end. Like the one about the two villages on either side of a chasm and the villagers´politically correct decision to build a bridge so that they can finally embrace each other. But the can´t decide on the colour. One side wants it blue, the other yellow, and suddenly things became serious. Paint brushes are discarded and guns are drawn, and bigger guns are ordered. In the end they plan to distroy each other with nuclear weapons.

Life is full of ironies like that, and Ian Welden has an eye for them. An artist´s eye".

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